This book came from a place in my life where I looked over my whole educational experience and thought to myself, I’m sure if someone had only given me a heads up on college and how to handle certain situations effectively, I would have made it through the experience much easier. If only I had been told that it would be ok to ask for help and feel comfortable doing so, I know my college experience wouldn’t have taken so long. I began writing this book for those same young people that feel the same way I felt, who want to go to college but feel they are not smart enough or frighten because they don’t know what to expect. In my book, I discuss different experiences and provide information that can prepare students to not only be ready for college but also enter feeling confident and encouraged. This book was created to give hope to young people who have dreams of one day going to college and graduating. If you already in college, it will inspire you to work through the tough times because all your hard work will pay off in the end. See you at graduation!

If I Knew Then What I Know Now... About College (Old Edition)

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