Welcome to Parent Corner

Parent Corner is at the intersection of helping you prepare your child for college and getting you through that very special moment, the first day that you drop them off at college. This is a safe space for parents to be vulnerable and to be open to learn from the expertise and real life experiences from our staff, college alumni, contributors, testimonials and from comments on our posts.

Proud Mom!

As we are helping your child with their preparation for college, our goal here is to provide you, the parent, with an online community, a support system when needed, resources, tips and a wealth of knowledge that will help you embrace the new journey of sending your child off to college. We want you to reflect back on these precious moments right now on their college graduation day, knowing that you and your child, got through this journey together, applying the best methods and strategies to help them accomplish their overall academic goals.

We want to engage with you on our posts and we ask that you respect the opinions of others comments. “It takes a village to raise a child” and sometimes villages disagree. We want to maintain a positive tone on our platform as well as with each other. We want you to put your different views and opinions that may arise, aside, to focus more on our collective goal: helping your children reach their highest potentials in life, before, during and after college and become successful contributors in our society.

Feel free to share with us topics that you would like for us to discuss here on the Parent Corner. We appreciate your feedback and we look forward to connecting with you more as we embark on this journey to helping your child attend college, together.

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